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LIBRARY: Books, Magazines, bulletins, Videos (CD-Rom) and more are available at the LoGerfo library. The HAH library is open on Saturdays from 10:00am to 1:00pm. All Library references can also be searched remotely from this web site.

REFERENCE and RESEARCH: Botanical Gardens, Societies, Plants, General Gardening and more are conveniently listed. Horticultural Reference.

KARISH SCHOLARSHIP: Each year the HAH presents a scholarship to eligible students studying Horticulture. Interested students, parents or friends please see the Karish page.

HAHappenings: Have you misplaced last month's edition of the newsletter? The newsletter archive contains back issues (2007 - 2014) as well as the current edition and can be viewed and printed. There is a wealth of information in the back issues accessible by month and year.

BECOME a MEMBER: The mission statement defines the goals of the Alliance. Please join the HAH by filling out the Membership form.